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Umahro Cadogan

Have you ever come across someone with a seemingly endless knowledge of a certain area or topic? The ideal friend to call when you have a burning question? Or someone who can explain even the most complex issues so you actually get them? When it comes to nutrition Umahro Cadogan is that guy. 

Umahro is a functional nutrition guru. He consults organizations in corporate wellness and advises world-class athletes on how to optimize their nutrition. Known as the “Danish Food Doctor”, he believes that food is medicine and lectures all over Europe about his food philosophy. Umahro has been a part of the Puori family since the very beginning, so we are delighted to announce our new partnership with Umahro and thought it would be fitting to do a proper Q&A with him. 


What are the biggest achievements in your career?

Writing 14 books (so far) as the main author or co-author, creating and recording the TV-show “Kan man spise sig rask?” [Can Food Be Your Medicine?], being part of important research projects on food, nutrition and health, launching my educational program for health professionals, making the transition from one man with a mission to establishing a company that helps people stay healthy or become healthy again.


What is your next big goal?

Going international, getting my books out in English and getting 10,000 users on Umahro Universe.


How do you manage to stay healthy – and what does healthy mean to you?

Health is more than the absence of disease, pathology or clinical diagnosis. Health is a state of biological, physical, physiological and mental balance and flexibility. A state of having the necessary energy and resources to live life to the fullest and having a high chance of being able to grow old with grace.

Being healthy is not about unnecessary fanaticism or restriction, or about not being able to live and enjoy life. Being healthy is making sure you do the things necessary to achieve that state of being.

Food and diet, exercise and movement, sleep, stress, alcohol use and happiness all have to impact on health or the lack thereof. I stay healthy by eating the type of diet that works for me, being physically active every single day, minding my sleep, unwinding and de-stressing on a daily basis, spending time doing things that are important to me and inspire me, using supplements based on my individual needs, and making sure I am happy and laugh every single day, even when life looks bleak.


How do you keep yourself fit?

I work out every single day - some days just a quick 10-15 min METCON or HIIT session, other days harder and longer workouts when I have the time and energy - and I walk and bike as much as possible for transportation to meetings, my office, my clinic when I go out to do lectures etc. On a typical day, I will bike at least 10 km or walk for 30-45 min in addition to my daily workout. I try to do my workouts in the morning, before starting my day. The exception is on days where I’m not working, I might sleep late, have brunch and workout in the afternoon.



What do you feel are the biggest challenges in achieving a healthy lifestyle?

Getting enough quality sleep being the busy person I am with lots of travelling and a daily schedule that changes from day to day depending on whether I am in the clinic with patients, lecturing, teaching my students, researching, mentoring, recording my TV-show, doing media work, travelling, recording content for Umahro Universe, writing my next book, or spending quality time with my girlfriend, family or friends.


What role do supplements play in your daily life?

I take supplements, and quite a few different supplements, some in very high doses. For me, supplements along with healthy living allow me to stay healthy and keep multiple autoimmune and inflammatory disorders under control.


What does a clean product mean to you in your daily life?

A product that only contains what it says on the label; a product that does not contain anything unnecessary; a product that does not contain contaminants or compounds that might be toxic.


Why do you think clean products are important when it comes to food supplements?

Because customers deserve the right to receive what they think they are buying when purchasing and using supplements. Because people deserve not to get unwanted contaminants when buying and using supplements.


How did you first come across Puori?

I’ve known the founders Oliver and Julius back from when Puori was established.


What is your favourite Puori product and why?

D3 … because vitamin D is so darn important and too many people are too low.


What gives you energy? 

Working out, solving medical mysteries, learning more about human health, lecturing to people and being allowed to inspire and help them, good food, and fabulous music.


When do you feel the best?

I feel my best when I'm in the midst of or have just finished a good hard workout, when I am on stage lecturing, when I scuba dive, when I enjoy heavenly food, when I delve deep into the wonders of human biology, and physiology.


If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Dedicated, ambitious, caring.


What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I am quite a good percussionist and MC. In my teenage years, I pursued a career as a musician for a while. And I have a way with babies and toddlers, has been quite involved in taking care of my younger sisters when they were babies and toddlers.