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10 years fighting for a cleaner supplement industry – and that’s just the beginning

This November Puori is proud to announce that we’re celebrating ten years in business. 10-years of setting new standards for nutritional supplements, from innovative product testing to label transparency. As we reach this important milestone, we want to take a moment to reflect on how far we have come.


In 2009, two friends Oliver Amdrup and Julius Heslet founded the company with the ambition of creating the cleanest fish oil on the market. They were sick of products full of unnatural fillers, “proprietary blend” and poor-quality ingredients. As a result, O3 Omega-3 fish oil was born as the first product we ever made.


We have worked hard to develop formulas that provide your body with essential nutrients it needs to work at its best. As the company has grown, so has our portfolio of products, with plenty of purposeful refinements and changes made along the way. Our meticulous approach ensures that the products stay pure and natural – free from unnecessary fillers and harmful additives, and full of active ingredients that nourish and protect the body.


As time passed it wasn’t enough for us to just develop potent formulas and source high-quality ingredients - we wanted independent data that proved our products were actually as pure as we thought.That started with IFOS, awarding Puori O3 5/5 stars from IFOS for freshness, stability, and purity. After experiencing the peace of mind working with IFOS gave us, we decided to join forces with Clean Label Project™ (CLP) on an initiative called The Transparency Project;an ambitious initiative that puts the spotlight on the toxins found in consumer products.


Today each batch of all of our Puori products is carefully tested by a third-party laboratory as part of the CLP. This ensures that every single product lives up to the strictest standards of pureness and efficacy. All the results are made public on CLP’s website so that the benefits of Puori’s handpicked natural ingredients and carefully monitored production process will be available to each consumer – for full transparency!

“We stand firmly behind our products and we are ready to prove the quality with independent laboratory data. We know first-hand how hard it is to navigate and understand the food supplement industry and that’s why benchmarking our products and focussing on transparency for the final consumer product should become mandatory in our category. Until it does, we will share more than 130 data points to ensure that each product is 3rd-party tested and free from environmental toxins and contaminants. That’s why we are Partnering with CLP to make it easier for the consumers to navigate the sea of products and find the cleanest ones. We are still in the early stages, but we hope many more brands want to join us and the Clean Label Project in our fight for a more regulated supplement industry.”


– Oliver Amdrup, founder and CEO of Puori.


Along this crazy ten-year adventure, we’ve made many friends along the way. From our ambassadors to our customers, we’d like to thank everyone that’s been involved in the Puori journey to date. We don’t know exactly what the next ten years will bring, but we can promise the same level of commitment to fighting for a cleaner future that has come to define our business and reputation.