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A Day in the Life of Lauren Fisher

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a professional fitness athlete is really like? Then you're in luck because we're launching a 5 part video series called 'A Day in the Life of Lauren Fisher' which gives you exclusive behind the scenes insights into how Lauren juggles her day-to-day life with a new episode released every week.

Episode 1 

Chilling in a freezer with your fiancé is normal, right? Bringing us along on one of her swimming days, Laurens spills the tea on how Rasmus went from being gym buddy to fiancé, and what made her certain he was the one.


Episode 2

‘Maybe if I was completely lean and toned, I wouldn’t have the fuel to get myself through training’’. Giving us an insight into her full day of eating and training, Lauren talks about the comments that motivated her to take a public stance on body positivity.


Episode 3

Join us at the track! Lauren shares her thoughts on staying disciplined with her training (even when she’d rather be at home in her pajamas) and staying authentic with her following.


Episode 4

Ever wonder what kind of background helps shape an elite athlete? Joining one of her gym sessions, Lauren shares where her love for competing comes from, how it affects her life outside of training, and how she deals with pre-competition nerves.


Episode 5

Did you ever have an idol that inspired you to take certain steps in your life? In episode 5, Lauren describes how she was inspired by the late professional basketball player Kobe Bryant when growing up and shows us exclusive behind the scenes at her training session with Rasmus preparing for the 2020 West Coast Classic CrossFit games that didn’t happen - much to her disappointment!