How to Feel Stronger, Sleep Better, and Live a Healthier Lifestyle with Physical Activity
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How to Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle with Four Cornerstones

Do you sometimes find it difficult to achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle due to a busy work and personal life? We certainly relate to that, however we have some good news…

There are little things you can do that can give you a helping hand to make a healthier life more achievable. At Puori, we follow a set of four cornerstones of healthy living which we incorporate into both our work and personal lives. 

Over the next four weeks, we’ll post a new blog post each week to share our best recipes, routines and some of the smaller hands-on life hacks and guides we personally incorporate in our everyday lives to help achieve a healthier life.

First, let’s find out what our cornerstones are, how they help to set and achieve your goals and for inspiration, what Puori’s four cornerstones are.

Puori’s four cornerstones

Have you ever wondered why there’s a square on our packaging? It represents our four cornerstones.

What are cornerstones?

A Cornerstone (noun) is an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based on. 

What’s the purpose of the Puori cornerstones and how can they bring you value?

  • They can help you achieve your goals by inspiring you to make better choices
  • To quantify health
  • To become greater than before, you need a goal – just like a ship needs a berth to navigate towards
  • Cornerstones can help you to define clear goals and visualize progress to naturally gravitate towards success

Our personal set of four cornerstones, which the whole team at Puori have incorporated both at work and in their private lives are:

#1 Healthy Diet

#2 Physical Activity

#3 Recovery

#4 Balance

Puori's Four Cornerstones

We formed these personal set of cornerstones from our belief that health is an ever-evolving journey centered around making quality decisions in whatever we do. 

When forming our cornerstones, we followed four basic principles:

Quality: Essential for the best results and to reach our goals. 

Sustainability: Everything we do must be at a level that we can sustain for the rest of our lives.

Natural: By choosing a natural approach, you automatically make the best choice for a healthy life. 

Variation: Variation is key to achieve all of your goals.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at our first cornerstone…

Cornerstone #1: Healthy Diet

We say no to artificial ingredients, misleading labels and quantity over quality. Our bodies are designed to require certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals, so staying healthy is a lifelong endeavour to us - not a miracle cure.

Inspired by thought leaders and scientists, we stand behind the belief that our well-being is the most precious asset we have. So, let’s start a dialogue about real nutrition, focusing on simple and raw ingredients available in nature, and going beyond fat, carbs and protein. 

Using the basic principles above, healthy diet to us is:

Quality: Focus on simple and raw ingredients available in nature with high micronutrient density and high bioavailability. The ingredients should be clean and pure. 

Sustainability: Your diet is only sustainable when you can follow it for years. Focus on environmental sustainability as well. 

Natural: Choose natural foods that are minimally processed. Farm to table with traceability.

Variation: Eat a variety of foods. Not just the same foods every week to meet your nutritional requirements. 

Please note that a healthy diet is not the same for everyone as we all have different needs, so opt for your own personal interpretation. There are no inherently forbidden, bad or unhealthy foods, but your choices should be healthy.

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You’re most welcome to be inspired by our cornerstones but why not form your own using the basic principles to guide you towards the goals that are important to you? 

Next Cornerstone - #2: Physical Activity

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