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End ignorance

Never accept not knowing!

If the water you drink every day contained a high level of pesticides, would you drink it? Do you know if it does? Would you feed your children baby food if it contained a high level of heavy metals? Do you know if it does? Would you continue taking your supplements if they contained too many toxins? Do you know if they do?

Manufacturers of food, beauty products, supplements, and similar products that you put in or on your body, are required by law to keep the levels of certain substances like pesticides and heavy metals below specific thresholds in their products. However, there are many other unwanted substances/toxins that manufacturers are not required to test for. Furthermore, they are not required to document and publish the results for the public.

Pesticides and heavy metals have crept into our food chain – don't let them creep into you

Whenever we read about scandals where consumers have put themselves and/or their loved ones at risk by consuming products that have contained more than the legal levels of these industrial contaminants, we feel it could have so easily been avoided. Testing is simple, and every brand should be able to publish its test results online. So why don’t all brands make that extra effort to be transparent and keep their customers free from risk and free from not knowing?

The legal levels of these industrial contaminants vary greatly from country to country and even state to state. We’ve chosen to comply with probably the strictest definition out there, which is the California Proposition 65. We all wish that Earth was free from these contaminants but unfortunately that is not the case, so if we find traces of unwanted substances, we do not release the products for sale if the levels are above the thresholds in Proposition 65.

Never Accept Not Knowing!

At Puori, we want to go that extra mile and make it even more transparent to the consumer what our products contain and most importantly what they do not contain. We achieve this transparency through third-party laboratory testing and certification of every supplement against 130+ industrial contaminants. We publish the results online on accessible via the QR code on each product for you to see.

This isn’t industry standard, but it ought to be. Not just for the supplement industry, but for any industry that produces products for your body.

Now you know. 

P3 Health Essentials – also third-party tested

P3 Health Essentials is the core product of Puori. Not only does P3 Health Essentials contain our bestsellers, but it’s also the perfect combination of three of the most essential micronutrients that most people lack in their habitual diet*:

  • Puori O3 Omega-3: Supports heart, brain & eye function*
  • Puori M3 Magnesium: Supports energy levels, muscle function, and electrolyte balance*
  • Puori D3 Vitamin D: Is good for the immune system, bones & proper muscle function*

Try P3 Health Essentials


Puori P3 Health Essentials is the perfect way for you to get some of the most essential micronutrients.

We developed P3 Health Essentials to offer a convenient combination of our most popular but also most essential nutrients: Puori O3 fish oil, M3 magnesium complex and D3 vitamin D. They are packed in 30 convenient daily sachets you can easily take with you on the go. P3 is the ideal subscription product, and you get 15% off and free shipping every month when you get P3 Health Essentials on a subscription. Another bonus is that you never run out of your daily micronutrients.

As with all Puori supplements, we 3rd party test every batch of every single P3 Health Essentials against 130+ industrial contaminants and publish the results on for you to see exactly what you get in your supplements. Now you know.



*Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.