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What is the Clean Label Project™ and Why Should You Care About It?

The Clean Label Project™ is a non-profit organization that tests various consumer goods to see if their labels accurately represent what is inside. Based on laboratory data they reveal the true contents of America’s best-selling consumer products. Products are tested in an accredited laboratory for 130 environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins, and the results are available publicly on their website.

Recently, the Clean Label Project™ tackled protein powders in what they say may be the largest study conducted on contaminants in some of America’s most popular protein supplements. Sadly, most products in the health and wellness market, including protein powder, have a problem with honesty and transparency.

The Clean Label Project™ used Nielsen and the Amazon bestseller list of products to ultimately choose 134 protein powders across 52 different brands in the United States. They tested every single one for their active ingredients, as well as more than 130 toxins and contaminants — both industrial and environmental — for example, heavy metals, BPA and pesticide residue.

In their rigorous testing, heavy metals were treated as the most significant contaminant (at 60%) since they pose the biggest threat to our health. This was followed by process contaminants (20%) and by-product contaminants (20%). Their findings were analyzed by their team of statisticians, epidemiologists, food safety scientists, and registered dieticians. In the end, each product was ultimately graded on a five-star rating system. The results are in and available for you to see here.

Sadly, some products exceeded California state limits for lead, and BPA and the levels of other contaminants were alarmingly high. 35% of products tested violated at least one state regulatory limits for safety. On a more positive note, not only did Puori receive five stars as a brand across our products, but Puori’s PW1 Pasture Raised Protein Powder Vanilla obtained the #1 spot as the cleanest protein powder in America. Puori are, and always have been, committed to transparency across the brand. Not just when it is convenient for us. We want everyone who takes our products, including ourselves, friends and family to get the best possible product without risk of contaminants. That’s why we are striving to continually better our transparency as a brand and encourage other brands to join the fight.

In 2019, all Puori products, not just protein powder, will be part of the Clean Label Project™’s new Transparency Program. All of our products from every batch will be publicly shared on the third-party website. That way, you can check the heavy metals, purity and potency of your batch and ensure you’re getting the very best for your body.